Mïau Originals

Swimming Originals

Mïau Originals is a new brand concept, a new way of interpreting swimwear fashion, with a different vocation that creates capsule collections of exclusive prints.
A brand that reinvents the patterns to fit a new concept of men’s fashion.

“Miau” is the phonetic transcription in Spanish and Portuguese of the meow of a cat.

Gato is the colloquial form that is used in the Portuguese-speaking countries to refer to a handsome boy. Our brand has a clear feline inspiration, with prints and graphic expressions that are based on the representation of the shape of a cat, a pet that conceptually exemplifies the male figure through that little feline turned into icon.

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We produce our collections in Portugal controlling all processes of elaboration of the garments, from the stamping to the manufacture of each of the complements.


Mïau selects a range of colours that make its collection durable and proposes several swimming patterns that suit swimming lovers.

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Each new collection is designed to provide a contemporary view of fashion, without conventions and unattached, aimed at a more demanding male model.

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We are conscious on the production and chose our garment workshops in Europe, within the Iberian Peninsula. We are totally involved in quality control, both in the making of our garments and in the quality of life of our employees.

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