Ángel Pérez

Profesional stylist & personal shopper

Ángel Pérez

Ángel is a professional stylist. He defines himself as a multi-tasking person within the fascinating realm of the complex fashion industry. He works with total ease in an element that he knows very well since he invested time and energy in training in some of its many disciplines. In addition, Angel grew up in a way, surrounded by seams.

Given his specialties, Ángel can live the fashion projects from many different angles, as he is also brand image for different trademarks, something that extends to his facet as a model.

At present, he is immersed in professional projects related to both cosmetics and men’s fashion. Taking into account his deep knowledge of the sector, we wanted him to be one of the first to know our new born collection.

He confesses that he is a round trip traveller, who is passionate about new places but who likes to have the peace of knowing that the best place is the one he finds when he returns. Because of this, there is no other better place for him to live than his beloved Valencia.

Enjoys swimming in the incomparable waters of the island of Formentera, without detracting some corners of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. Angel is passionate about feeling completely free in these places. When asked about what he would wear under the water, he says it would be one of our Mïau shorts.

Going further, we asked him about his favourite place to enjoy a sunbath and just without thinking he recommended the exoticism of Arrecife de Las Sirenas. He would never forget his sunglasses, or a beach wrap in a wicker basket. Both pieces are key to what he considers a pleasant experience by the sea.

He confesses that he likes our shorts very much because he believes that for their many peculiarities, they are very wearable garments. He points out that in our first collection, there is one piece for each personality.

We asked him what gift he would give and to whom, and he replied that it would be to his couple to whom he would give our Smartshort Cats Black.

Inquiring in his tastes, he recommends us to watch the film Blinded by the Sun with Tilda Swinton. Asking him where he would escape without thinking, he says he would love to do it to Florence, where he always lives original experiences.

Our thankful meow, Angel.

Welcome to the distinguished Mïau world.

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