David Moya

Personal coach and stock market expert.

David Moya

Of how an economist turned into a Sports Trainer;

This time we talked with David Moya. He invites us to participate in a workout in the pool with him.

His case is quite particular. He studied to become an economist and expert on stock exchange and financial markets at the University of Valencia, stage from which he preserves great friendships and a plentiful knowledge of the inner workings of the economy. Despite having had several professional experiences his life has always been linked to the sport, since he was a child. So he decided to give it a change, letting numbers to a side and spending his full time in what he truly loved, the sport and the wellness. For David health is very important and says that “by error people seem to value it when it begins to be weak”.

He is not a close minded person and does not focus in a type of specific modality “but my plan of work collects a concept more wide looking for what, to my understanding is health, simply a balance mind-body”.

In his close past he has worked within projects that share his principles of health. Among them the INVASA (Instituto Valenciano de la Salud) a health centre where in addition to working directly with people he was able to continue his training as a sport’s professional at the same time. He has collaborated, among others, in a very ambitious project: the search engine entrenar.me “where a sport, wellness and health atmosphere is everywhere”. A must-see for all athletes… He has also worked with many brands of this field such as Miau Originals “a young and modern firm with which I am delighted to do so”.

He is fully satisfied where he is right now. “I have the conviction of being doing what I like, helping people to achieve a quality of life, learning from each of them and developing relationships that help me to grow as a professional and mainly as a person”.

He commenced working when he was sixteen years old as lifeguard and giving classes of swimming, task that lasted during his stage University. From well young he began to practice swimming and was a good way of getting some income in the first years.

He loves swimming. According to his criteria swimming involves a certain technical complexity but with will and discipline is a sport quite addictive. “Is an absolute relationship with water. I don’t conceive the idea of swimming with music as you leave the attention from what you are in”

He recommends any pool equipped for the training, and invites us to the pool of his town, San Antonio of Benagéber (Valencia-Spain) where he trains weekly and that brings all needs for any time of the year. He worked as a coach when it opened.

To train uses always sport bathing suits. “I seek the comfort and lightness, is essential…”.

The more special place to date for Moya is undoubtedly Kuanidup an island of the Panamanian archipelago of San Blas. “Is an island no more large that a 5.2 basketball court”. He loved to hear for the first time the complete silence, isolated from everything and being able to swim between islands without any overexertion. “I would use a Mïau smart short but not the black – Sun is hard-“.

Impossible to delete from my mind its sunrises and sunsets. Unspeakable.

The Beach collections Low Rise and Sport Briefs convey him “comfort, product detail and quality. I appreciate the variety of models, colours and nice prints. You feel that you have an item that defines you, away from standards’.

Any athlete who maintain a healthy physical shape should be comfortable and identified with the Mïau brand. “I would gift a Sport model of a cheerful and fun colour to my pool partner and best friend Alfonso. He uses very boring swim wear. Haha…”.

Swimming causes him memories of cinema. Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “The beach” shot in Maya Bay of Thailand, “I think that all we were surprised by the beauty of this place. It looked like fiction”. If he had to choose a destination it would be Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. It seduces him because “honestly, I appreciate any city that has coast and in turn offer me mountain and infinite nature.” He would recommend our brand to all water sportsmen, those who enjoy swimming making their workout or swimming a unique time.

Thank You David.

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