Joerg Zuber


Joerg Zuber

I am a citizen of the world. A nomad, a traveller. I am embracing new horizons. Chasing fresh sunsets and racing towards sunrise. Crossing continents and discovering cultures. Soaking up sights, sounds and textures. Translating my experience into visions of insight and art. Combining, blending, reinventing. Unlocking hidden passageways and walking unknown roads. Dreaming not
of what is, but of what may be. Lighting the path to perfection.

I see, hear, think, create. I am gathering knowledge and giving shape. Penetrating to the core, sensing to the quick. Turning lines, casting arcs. Looking through the lens, beholding patterns and connections, combinations of light and shade. Imagining. Collaborating. Loving to work with people truly driven by their craft. Charged with boundless energy, with positivity, enthusiasm. Transforming bold imagination into otherworldly beauty. A master director of design in fashion and form.

I was five years old, at my home in Germany, when I discovered my mother’s fashion magazines. The glossy paper spoke to me. ‘See’. ‘Touch’. ‘Explore’. Page upon page of neverending beauty. My senses became attuned by Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace. Alive.

From that instant, childhood changed. Taking snow-white paper and a rainbow of pencils, I crafted sparkling jewellery. Opulent dresses. Luxurious bottles of scent. Newly minted logos. Entire collections and campaigns. The priceless gifts of a child to his mother.

I was addicted. Truly, madly, helplessly. Caught in a self-made web, spinning strands of beauty and design. From a spark to a flame, the addiction now blazes. A fire in his veins. Lighting projects. Guiding partners. I founded my creative studio OPIUM 16 years ago. Taking light, colour, sound and motion. Blending deep invocations to the senses. Intoxicating audiences with addictive Design. Animation. Film. Audio. Print. Tirelessly seducing with unconventional beauty, creating digital haute couture.

I love to swimm, as it ist he only way I feel free – as I can stretch without boundaries

I recommend Mar Adentro Cabos Hotel in Los Cabos Mexico – one of the best pools in the world – outstanding architecture – only the wanter and yourself is is so magnificent and spiritual – it stimmulates all senses, I would use always a speedo to go swimming there
I also suggest one of the best places for a sunbath: Lia Beach on the Island of Mykonos, because it is not only sunbathing, I can go swiming there, as I always want tob e active – I cannot sit still
I love to be under water, as I feel so connect to mother earth and nature – away from the noise generated by people. I feel and hear only my breath, heartbeat and the sound of the water

I usually take to the beach my cellphone, sunscreen, paper and pen (for my ideas to scetch), shirt and shorts for a lunchbreak and some superfood snacks – as I am vegan and I can’t forget my cell phone – hahahaha – my gate to the world.

I love your collection as it is timeless, not too loud. Sexy (very important for me) without being too provocative I think it could fits from superyoung to older as well as from trained to less trained. As they are classy and very. I would use the shorts as a gift, as some guys do not wear speedos – so I would be neutral and elegant, anybody in my circle of friends and also to my instafriends would use it.

My inspiration come from artists like Bruneleschi or Libeskind … no matter, Marc Jacobs to Balenciaga or David Hockney or Marc Rothko, Rolling Stones or Wagner, John Pawson, Jon Gasca (from STUA-design), Jude Lay, Nicola Ghesquere. Music is very important for me, from classy, yet modern and touching like LaLaLand (OST). –where men show emotions–.

Paris is the most hearttouching city for me – most romantic

Who would you recommend Mïau to? => honestly – to all of my closer friends

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