Joloc is an adventurer capable of preparing his boat to sail around the world fighting against the harshness in Cape Horn or enjoying a caipirinha in Brazil.

From a very young age he remembers sailing with his family. The sea has been part of his life since always and feels the same passion for music. He was formed for both things but he would not know when he started getting involved in them professionally. He loves swimming and snorkelling. He has been in wonderful places and finds difficult to choose one without belittling another. Loves the waters of the Caribbean that are especially clear and that helps to enjoy what is found when you submerge. He prefers nature, since there is no pool or spa that can be compared to what nature herself offers. The seas, lakes and oceans are his elements and he could not choose one.

He prefers to swim without clothes, but bathing suits that fit his body make him feel free.

Enjoys the sun: “The sun on the high seas is a balm and can be both your friend and your enemy” Any corner of the sea in Polynesia is a wonder for sunbathing but doing it on the terrace of a good friend while enjoying music or good company is a greatest pleasure. Mood influences him a lot when coming to do something or taking a decision. He is positive and optimistic and simply enjoys what nature offers him, always showing total respect for her.

He practices many water sports so that he would always wear clothes that allow him to perform all his “follies” in a comfortable way. And he would never forget his hat. Without it he would not venture into any adventure.

He has had the opportunity to get acquainted with Mïau products, He likes them because he could take them both to swim “and for street wear”. Shorts are his favourites. “They are garments for people who choose what they want and do not get carried away by fashion and market trends, I’m not very aware of that. I would gift one of them to my fellow combatants”

He admires many artists of many disciplines and chooses those who show naturalness in their works: “Some of your products have colours that remind me of the ones Kandinsky uses in his works” He undoubtedly identifies himself with those who live and love art without constraints artificial and untethered. His favourite musicians could be Paco de Lucía, John Coltrane and Johann Sebastian Bach. Enjoys art in its many different facets. The music is part of him: “I am unconditional lover of Jazz, although I do not have prejudices in terms of styles. Art without artifice, beyond classifications”

Remembers that he really liked the beginning of the movie ‘Life of Pi’. The protagonist narrated the origin of his name, which came from the word ‘piscine’, swimming pool in French. The scene is great, with that pool of clear water: “The shooting technique used transported you into the water. I loved it”

He would go to Brazil right now. Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia are two of his favourite cities. He had to spend some time there for a problem on the ship in which he was traveling around the world: “There I met wonderful people, I learned to speak Portuguese and also I started in Capoeira. I’m sure I’ll be back soon”

Thank you Joloc for being part of Mïau.

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