Marcos Domingo


Marcos Domingo

I am FineArt Artist and fashion photographer. In addition, I have been a fashion consultant for over 10 years, developing Brand Identity strategies in relation to Image and producing as well as photographing campaigns for various fashion brands, national and international. In recent months I have been focusing on my career as an Artist, not neglecting fashion campaigns for brands like KIN Cosmetics. At present many projects that are already a reality. Campaign for MACSON, Vallue Retail UK, etc. Where would I like to be today? I never dream of being in a physical place, but rather in being a step up, both personally and professionally. I like the feeling I feel when I’m working to climb that step because only dreaming and working to make that dream come true, and so that I can continue to dream in others, it makes me feel that I am growing professionally and personally. I firmly believe in the capacity of the human being to grow in many aspects of life. And in the hard work to achieve this personal improvement.

In 2000, I moved to Milan for family reasons. And it was there that by chance, for an offer of employment, I began to work like assistant of photography for Luca Ugolini, a reputed Product Photographer. My father is a photographer and my mother had a lighting business. Since very young, I have learnt at home from those two complementary worlds. The Photograph is nothing more than Light. 90% of Luca’s customers were Lighting Brands. Klewe, Prisma, Artemide, Flos, etc. So without a specific chase, I found myself working in the universe where I had been brought up. After two years, I started my career as freelance and as a fashion photographer working for agencies such as Why Not, Beatrice Models, Fashion Management, Riccardo Gay, etc. until today.

I always loved the water. I always feel free in the water, weightless and with authentic inner peace. Even though when I was very small, about 5 or 6 years old, I fell down without knowing how to swim in a pool where a cousin had to rescue me. I remember the feeling of being floated upside down, seeing the bodies of the other bathers in the water and I being at peace watching every detail. Then I remember lying in the infirmary and vomiting the water I had swallowed. That did not create any phobia, on the contrary, I felt much more attracted by that sensation and by that resource where you listen yourself breathing and your heart beats.

I will recommend three, not only one. The first, Rio Tinto, in the province of Huelva (Spain). A magical place for the colour of its waters and the riverbed. I have visited it several times for work reasons (fashion campaigns, fashion editorials for various magazines, etc. By the way, would be great for a MIAU campaign :-)) and it looks like you’re on Mars. In fact, the space race to find life in Europe, one of the moons of Jupiter and Mars, comes because NASA scientists discover that in Rio Tinto, with high concentrations of sulphides and sulphates, and therefore in the absence of oxygen, there is life. The second place I recommend you to stick a bite and enjoy as little children is The Dead Sea in Israel. It is an amazing experience. Not only for the buoyancy of the body but also for the spectacular landscape that salt forms on the shores, authentic natural sculptures that leave you speechless. And the third and most magical place for me, the Red Sea in Dahab. The Gulf of Aqaba, in the Egyptian part, is spectacular. The third coral reef in the world by extension but the first by its diversity of flora and fauna. In addition, the barrier in this area, is right next to the shore. You can simply dive and see all kinds of marine flora and fauna, just by the shore. It’s like being in the Nemo movie. And the moment you take your head out of the water and look at the surface, you find the hills of Sinaí, with that reddish colour that gives the name to the sea. Peace, nature and the feeling of being a small piece of this wonderful planet.

In Rio Tinto and in the Red Sea, Miau swimwear, of course. Briefs or Shorts. For the Dead Sea, it is better to wear an old bathing suit and to which you do not have much appreciation. Or be a little while in the water and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water!

Rivers: Rio Tinto, as I said, or in Bobbio (Trebbia, Italy) or in a river near Lugano (Switzerland) (I will not reveal its name) where it is magical the canyon eroded in the rock that has made the river during Centuries and centuries. To play sports, I’m definitely going to my Aragonese country. The descent of the Rio Vero, in the Sierra de Guara. For these mountain rivers, I would wear long shorts rather than slips.

I’m not much of a beach in the sense that I do not like sunbathing. My mother always tells me that since being a baby I run away from the sun like vampires. So for me the beach is snorkelling. For swimming I prefer the pool. I could not forget the diving goggles.

Since I knew the whole collection and had the opportunity to photograph it, I fell in love with it. It seems to me a collection that covers some aesthetic needs that there were not until now in the market. Gather in your pieces, both shorts and briefs, everything I like. Sportiness, Class, Elegance, Sobriety, Fashion, novelty…, without falling into the stridencies of the “gay” brands or the classic “Fashion” brands. No matter what body figure you have, they always adapt to the shape of the body. Many times, fashion brands make bathing suits that are not comfortable or their patterns do not fit all bodies and sizes. Meow fulfils all this.

It is not that it inspires me, is that it makes reality what a brand inspires. I do not know if I can explain myself.

And the fact that they are made with Italian fabrics and in Europe, makes me see that ‘Me in Europe’ is possible.

Yes, as I said before, from my experience in photographing them on different bodies and on my own, I think MIAU has thought of all types of men when designing and marking patterns. Shorts, Slips, etc. And from the point of view of prints, I think that from a mature man to a younger boy, from someone more classic or someone more fashion, can wear them comfortably.

Depending on who I had to give it to. I would choose one or another. But of course it is the perfect gift for the summer or for someone who wants to enjoy the “water” in winter.

– Designer, yourselves!

– Architect, Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares from A-Zero architects. Not only for the Architectural Sculpture they do and not only because of the importance they give to textures and materials, but also because they are besides architects, they are great painters, sculptors and artists all in all.

– Musician. Today I remember David Bowie. The pastel blue and pink tones, the fabric wefts used by his head designers, etc.

I do not like to identify myself with few things and at the same time everything influences me. I think artists are very influential in everything around us. Figures like Picasso, Dali, classics like El Greco, Rubens, icons like David Bowie, Mc Queen, Kris Vanhasse … but also anonymous artists (I hope only for a short time) like Antonio Reche, Viktor & Illya, painters and musicians that you can see at the streets of any city, children who play in a small village of Siem Reap in Cambodia and are dressed in cloths that at first would squeal. Music and artists like David Bowie, The Cure, Alan Walker, Woodkid, Antony and the Johnsons, the music that can be heard today in any club in Birmingham or Manchester for example. Architects like Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gehry or Renzo Piano, Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares or Foster. Going through studies like Mecanoo Studio … With the literature a little happens to me. I am able to read historical novel, more commercial or classics like the last one I read. You are going to laugh but I read the Complete Works of Santa Teresa de Jesús. And now I am with texts that deal with psychology and psychiatry. I am in a period of my life that I need to understand myself and understand the human being. If there is anything to understand 🙂 Cinema, I’m hooked on the talent of Antonia San Juan as writer and director, added to how she acts. Short-films like ‘La China’ or ‘A las once’ fascinate me. I’m also captivated by the Youtube channel of Eduardo Casanova.

How could I not remember the scene of La Dolce Vita and the dip in the Fontana di Trevi.? Though I was charmed by ‘Le Grand Bleu’ directed by Luc Besson.

None that I already know. As much as I have many favourites. But I prefer to escape to an unknown city because in that way, you may discover that it is “my favourite” I am attracted to all Continents. Diverse cities as Tromso in Norway to enjoy the Aurora Borealis or Tokyo to lose you between skyscrapers and seas of people. The world is very big and it is a pity not to have enough time to know it. A city that enchanted me and I would not mind coming back is Kep, in Cambodia.

I’m recommending it to everyone. friends, fashion people, etc. Design, Quality and Price is PERFECTLY RECOMMENDED.

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