Ruben Tomas


Ruben Tomas

Ruben is a Spanish photographer born in Valencia. He has settled in Los Angeles, California, where he has a promising career. Ruben Tomas tells us he hasn’t always been on this side of the camera. For years he was an actor and model, until one day, more than 8 years ago, when he was living in Brussels, he decided to join a photography workshop attracted by the power of images. That’s when I discovered a powerful tool to express myself with “and he became a photographer.

He is currently immersed in different personal projects as he completes his first portrait book on masculinity. One of his dreams would be to travel to Antarctica and photograph it. Another place he would like to visit is Sri Lanka. I would love to be able to photograph any city in the middle of the jungle and the beach, get to know its culture and wildlife on the island.

He has lived in different cities on both sides of the Atlantic and in each of them there is something that has always accompanied him: his passion for swimming. “I love swimming”. I have been swimming for years in each of the cities and countries where I have lived.

And in each of them he had his favorite place to do this sport: a heated swimming pool in the Lake of Madrid, a deck on the Upper East Side of New York or now in Los Angeles where he likes to go to an outdoor swimming pool in West Hollywood. I have very good memories of all of them, but I remember with special affection the Piscine Victor Boin, a beautiful art deco pool of 1905 located in Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

However, when it comes to relaxing in the sun, Ruben recommends El Matador Beach in California. If it can be during the week better, since the weekend is at its peak. With a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere, he recommend any of the beaches of the island of Menorca. To enjoy the session you only need to bring your swimsuit, a large towel, sunscreen, headphones, good music, a good book, fruit and water.

One of his favorite beaches is Tulum in Mexico, white sand and palm trees near the water. “All I need there is my swimsuit and my camera.”

We ask him about our collection and he says that it inspires everything that this place transmits to him: clean spaces, relax, blue skies, sea water, the bright sun, the texture of a clean skin…

He confesses that the garments are ideal for those who like quality products, for those who enjoy wearing a good swimsuit.

If I had to give one of them as a gift to someone else, I would choose any of the Passion for swimming collection and give it to my friend David, who has an “exceptional taste in dressing“.

Asking a little more about his tastes, he tells us that his favourite designer is Yourselves, or the architect who inspires him most, Frank Gehry. Motivated by his passion for design, as an artist he stands out to the graphic designer, Eddie Opara. And the musician, the one he likes to listen to the sun set, The Weekend.

He identifies himself with electronic music, rock and experimental music, the architects that most influence him are Le Corbusier, Jean Nouvel or Luis Barragan, and the writer, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Our swimsuits are recommended for lovers of minimalist design, who like high quality clothes and like to dress comfortably.

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