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A project created by three passionate about fashion and technology.
Mïau Originals wants to revolutionise the traditional parameters of fashion. It's a question of attitude towards life, which is why we adapt our garments to contemporary habits. We create limited edition capsule collections with exclusive prints that give shape to new patterns. We work with organic and technological fabrics. Our concept transforms garments to adapt to a new model of exclusive and sustainable men's fashion. A cross-cutting, all-day collection with a high degree of innovation that allows you to enjoy your life without complexes or discomfort.

Thanks to blockchain technology we are able to make a commitment of exclusivity to our users. We have worked hard for the relaunch of the brand and have prepared a new exclusive collection concept to coincide with it.

This new MÏAU project is born from the collaboration between professionals from different sectors. TPW has contributed its technology for the tokenization of the pieces. The creative team of This Project Works together with the MIAU team has created the design of the prints inspired by 3 avant-garde artists. The visual artist and designer El lissitzky, the Ukrainian painter Malevich and the Lithuanian creator Varvara Stepanova. A tribute to a revolutionary moment that occurred at the beginning of the last century and that today has its counterpart with the NFT revolution and digital art. We have also had the talent of the digital artist Diegrich for the modeling and design of the NFTs who has collaborated with this project giving life to the design proposals.

The future is now.