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Non-seasonal, original, independent, responsible.

Mïau wants to revolutionize the traditional parameters of fashion. It is a matter of attitude towards life, that is why we adapt our garments to contemporary habits. We create capsule collections of exclusive prints that outline new patterns designed in organic and technological fabrics. A concept that reinvents garments to adapt to a new more sustainable men's fashion model, for the whole day and with a high degree of technological innovation that allows you to enjoy your life without complexes or discomfort.

¨A brand born from the meow of a cat, that cat that in Portuguese calls the handsome boy. MÏAU is the Iberian sound of that meow¨.

has always been in contact with the fashion world. His family has been linked to the production and sale of textile products. From the age of 15, Simon had already dedicated part of his free time to participating in family businesses, be it in the administrative sphere, managing sales teams or in the different purchasing processes.

His passion for fashion and his instinct for trends has led him to argue that men's fashion does not have to be boring or monotonous. He wants to change the universe of men's clothing and has started to do so with Mïau. That is why he decided that something was missing, he needed to create designs that would definitely replace monochrome with a creative sort of "micro" and "macromotives", thus this concept of the false plain was born. Thus was born the Mïau universe. Starting with a base of neutral colors that preserves the feeling of the basics, we add vector prints in bright colors. The result is an elegant piece with a very personal and unique spirit. The sources of inspiration that give rise to the designs of our collections are found in artistic expressions such as painting or architecture, but also in the organic nature.

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